5 Frisky Fall Fennel Soups

Ahhh, fall. The season for snuggling, sweaters, and soup!

Lately, I’ve been on a big fennel kick. Not only is this licorice-like herb high in Vitamin C and potassium, but it’s also supposedly a libido booster! While I don’t believe in aphrodisiacs in the eat-this-and-take-off-your-pants sense, plants can prime your organs for optimal performance–sex organs included. Anyhow, this bulbous plant contains phytoestrogen, a compound similar to estrogen. So, in many cultures the plant is believed to amp up female sexual desire. The Egyptians were one of the first cultures to rely on fennel as an aphrodisiac, and some even say fennel was a key ingredients in witchy love potions.

Behold, five fennel-based soups to make you want to get it on… or at least put you in the mood for some hardcore snuggling.

Leek Fennel Apple Walnut Soup

Walnuts in my soup? Oh baby. Turmeric adds a pretty yellow punch.

Roasted Potato & Fennel Soup

This recipe from the PPK is extremely simple, BUT the complex flavors brought out via roasting will still impress your dinner date. Win!

White Bean and Fennel Soup

This country-style soup is hearty and filling. (The recipe suggests chicken or veggie broth, but all the cool kids are going with veggie.)

Carrot Orange Fennel Soup

This vitamin C powerhouse is gorgeous! Extra kitchen ninja points for squeezing your own OJ.

Cream of Celeriac and Fennel Soup

Celeriac root is an interesting and tasty choice for a soup base. This recipe also includes a delicious chive-infused olive oil, which I hadn’t thought of before, but now absolutely love.

So, how do you fennel?

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