How to Have Better Sex With Yourself

I’m really not sure when “go fuck yourself” became such a heavy handed insult. Solo sex is fun, educational, fun, healthy, and… did I mention fun?

Amusement aside, those of us who masturbate tend to be more comfortable with our bodies and have an easier time getting off because we quite literally know firsthand what we like. While this is especially important for women, who in general tend to be more shy about making demands in the bedroom, every gender can benefit from a little more alone time. Below are a few tips for having better sex with yourself.


Sex with yourself is the right time to think about your ex, your old history professor, or the guy who cleaned your pool when you were a teenager. Consider trying a completely different fantasy on. Go crazy and get carried away – you’re the only one who will ever know.

Change it up.

While it’s good to know what you like, if you tend to do the same thing over and over (and over) you could be training your bod to respond to only one movement, which can inhibit your pleasure with your partner when they can’t hit it right, or if they want to try something different. While it can be hard to give up your trusty Hitachi Magic Wand, switching from toy to hand (or vice versa) and from motion to motion can help you get used to getting off to a variety of different simulation.

Remove the pressure.

No, I don’t mean physically – the right amount of pressure is key for a successful solo sesh. Unfortunately, many get themselves off with only the end game in mind. And for women who have trouble reaching orgasm (a large percentage), this can actually be stressful. So instead of focusing on getting to O-Town (who else remembers that band?), just explore what techniques feel good.

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