6 Things Your Relationship Needs More of This Year

While many are focusing on doing “less” this year (less time with technology, less worry, less accumulation of stuff), I’m deciding 2016 will be the year of more. Below are 6 things to do more of this year, in your relationship, or on your own.

More play. Let’s be real: adulting is hard. While the new year is exciting, taxes loom around the corner, and then there’s your unpredictable boss, your slacking co-worker, and all of a sudden it’s May and you feel like you haven’t had any fun with your partner since last summer. Work more play into your daily schedule, however you prefer it. Playtime in my relationship manifests itself as board games, silly song singing, dancing, wrestling, and poop jokes. You do you.

More adventure. Both creativity and intimacy are sprung from getting out of your comfort zone. But “adventure” doesn’t have to mean zip lining over a rocky gorge. Try a new type of cuisine, or better yet, sign up for an exotic cooking class.

More exploration. Nothing breaks you out of a rut like doing something new. Hike on a trail you’ve never explored, check out a new restaurant or coffee shop, update your passport and head out of the country, try something new in bed.

More talk. Communication is the spine of all successful relationships. Talk it out, talk it out, talk it out.

More sex. Duh.

More laughter. What will get you laughing more this year? Checking out a comedy club? Watching stand up on Netflix? Laughter boosts moods and heightens bonds. Bonus: it’s a killer ab workout.

What are you looking forward to this year?

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