Two Very Vegan Valentine Menus

Valentine’s Day is lurking right around the corner, folks! Whether you intend to spend the 14th of February solo, with a partner or with a group of friends, we’ve got two vegan valentine’s menus that are sure to please everyone at the table. Why two? Well, V-day happens to land on a Sunday this year, so we thought we’d keep you covered for brunch and dinner.

Brunch Bunch

Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday pretty much guarantees you’re gonna spend at least part of the day in bed. Try this two part brunch idea get the day going. Consider starting it off with a mimosa or five.

First: Cloud Nine Pancakes

Fluffy and filling, these pillow beauties are pretty much perfect. Top them with bananas or berries and you’re good to go. Get the recipe here…

Then: Lemon Meringue Chia Pudding

Because what’s better than pancakes and pudding? This zesty take on the traditional chia variety is refreshing and easy- but you do have to make it the night before for optimal set time. Get the recipe here…

Done with brunch? Alright, moving on to…

Dinner Date

App: Pomegranate arugula salad

Let’s start the meal with a simple mixed greens salad because, our main is heavy. We’re at the tail end of pomegranate season, so consider tossing baby arugula and juicy, bright pomegranate seeds in a tangy balsamic before moving on to…

Main: Hearts of Baltimore Crab Cakes

These crispy babies are the star of our book. Seriously, the reviews we get on them are off-the-charts. They feature hearts of palm, which is a nice break from soy or wheat-heavy meat replacers that are the vegan norm.Get the recipe here…

Side: Savory Shiitake Bread Pudding

This is one of our more unique dishes. While traditional bread puddings tend to be on the dessert menu, this savory version is moonlighting on the side of the plate. If the idea of a savory bread pudding is off-putting, think of it as a take on stuffing and give it a try. Get the recipe here…

Dessert: Mexican Hot Chocolate Strawberries

We know that strawberry season is way over, but splurge on a pint of organic berries for this sweet and spicy finisher. Bonus: dipping the berries together is a fun, interactive activity that’s bound to get messy.Get the recipe here…

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