5 Ways to Have Earth-Friendly Sex for Earth Day


It’s earth day! Follow the five tips to have more environmentally conscious sex. Yep, that’s a thing.

Turn off the lights. I know, I know. For the voyeuristic, sex with the lights on is fun. But keeping the lights on is a waste of precious energy, so hit the switch and use your other senses to navigate. Can’t give up the good view? Candles are a sexy alternative, as is morning or mid-afternoon sex, when natural light is available.

Avoid petroleum-based lubricants. Who wants to rub old dinosaurs on their junk anyway? Choose an eco-friendly vegan lube, like Good Clean Love or Sliquid Organics, and get it on without a guilty-conscience. (Psst: organic coconut oil does the trick too…)

Choose eco-friendly condoms. Just like lube can be bad for the environment, many condom companies are far from ethical. Choose a conscious condom company like Sir Richards or Glyde, which are not only made from non-harmful ingredients but also donates a percentage of profits (or condoms) to communities in need.

Shower together. Okay, this isn’t necessarily sex related, but it does involve you wet and naked, so same difference right? Shower with a buddy to use less water. Unless, of course, showering with a buddy ends in a thirty-five minute aquaponic sex session. If that’s the case, shower together and save the sexy time for when you’re squeaky clean.

Eat vegan! Okay, please don’t stink eye me. Real talk, eating a diet void of fatty animal products and high in antioxidant rich plant proteins equals lower chance for disease and better functioning body parts. You know what I mean by body parts. Vegans have better blood flow, lower chances of ED, and most of us look pretty good naked.

At the end of the day, the goal is to make love—not a huge carbon footprint. Follow these steps for earth-friendly sex all year round.

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